Science for Heritage

Archive of heritage science projects and events






PaperVOC project: VOCs in paper-based cultural heritage collections -
source of information or risk?

Slovenian Research Agency/Nationaal Archief (2007-2009)


Near Infrared Tool for Collection Surveying

6th EC Framework (2005-2008)



Chemiluminescence – a Novel Tool in Paper Conservation Studies

5th EC Framework (2001-2004)


COST D42 Workshop

NIR/Chemometrics for Cultural Heritage

Ljubljana, Nov 14 2008

Durability of Paper and Writing II

2nd International Symposium and Workshops

Ljubljana, Jul 7-9 2008

COST G7 Meeting and Workshop

Use of Lasers in Conservation and Conservation Science

Ljubljana, Nov 17-18 2005

Durability of Paper and Writing I

Book of Abstracts

Ljubljana, Nov 16-19 2004


19th September 2009