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The Book of abstracts is available (pdf, 2.36 MB). The printed version was made available to all registered participants at the time of registration.


The topics to be presented at the PaperTreat workshop were:
- Paper properties and durability. Techniques and methods such as viscometry, fibre furnish analysis, Ahrennius approach, etc will be presented and discussed.
- Selection of materials and side effects. The following issues will be presented and discussed: which materials to deacidify, what kind of side-effect are there, creating a database of deacidified materials, marking of the treated items, etc.
- Quality control. Techniques such as micro-pH, alkaline reserve determination, etc will be presented and discussed.
- Logistics. Subjects such as contracts, insurance, structure of the costs, etc. will be presented and discussed.

At the SurveNIR workshop, the following topics were discussed:
- Statistical surveys in archives and libraries
- Paper properties and durability
- Non-destructive NIR spectroscopy and spectral analysis for historical paper characterisation
- SurveNIR instrument and software for collection surveying 
- Practical demonstration of paper characterisation using the SurveNIR instrument